Meeting Agenda



MONDAY, MARCH 13, 2023


Chair announces that the meeting is being recorded.

CALL TO ORDER: Zane____Wengrzynek____Gallagher____Atty. Karpowich____

PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD: Comments from the floor on agenda items only which will be voted upon by the Supervisors at this meeting.

Motion to accept minutes of last month’s regular meeting: 1st____2nd____Vote: Zane____,Wengrzynek____,Gallagher____.

Motion to accept cash report: 1st____2nd____Vote: Zane_____, Wengrzynek____, Gallagher____.

Motion to pay all bills as presented: 1st____2nd____Vote: Zane____,Wengrzynek____,Gallagher____.

REPORTS: Zoning Fire Co.

Planning Commission Ambulance/EMA Solicitor

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The next monthly meeting will be held on Monday, April 10, 2023 at 7 pm.

The Township is still in need of an Emergency Management Coordinator.

If anyone is interested, please contact the Secretary or any of the Supervisors.

CORRESPONDENCE: A letter was received from The American Legion to request approval for our project Hometown Hero’s banner project. This is a community project with members from 4 different organizations from the Mt Top Historical Society, Rotary Club, Adopt Vets, and the American Legion. It is not a fund raiser, and it will not cost the Township anything. Our plan is to hang banners of our Mountaintop Veterans for 2 years in Dorrance Twp. on PP&L poles. After the 2 years have expired banners will be returned to t he sponsor and another

group of veterans will be mounted. All costs will be paid for by the family sponsoring the veteran.

We are asking for township support and assistance to acquire PP&L poles in Dorrance Twp. Please email me at or call me at 570-328-5466 if you have any questions.

Thank you, Martine Columbo, CDR, Mountain Post #781, 1550 Henry Dr, Mt Top, PA 18707.


NEW BUSINESS: A motion to enter into a polling place agreement with Luzerne County to conduct elections on May 16, 2023 and November 7, 2023 pursuant to the County election code. 1st___2nd___Vote: Zane___, Wengrzynek___, Gallagher___.

A motion to enter in to an Online Auction Contract – Agreement for Sale of Pennsylvania Government Assets by Online Auction with Auctions International, Inc. for the sale of our 2008 CASE backhoe. Dates of auction and additional info will be provided when the paperwork is completed. 1st___2nd___Vote: Zane___, Wengrzynek___, Gallagher___.

PUBLIC COMMENT: By Citizens and Taxpayers of Dorrance, on matters not appearing on this agenda, the Supervisors will be available after the meeting to address questions and concerns by Citizens and Taxpayers.

Motion to adjourn by___________. Meeting adjourned at__________.