The recycling center will be closed on August 8, 2020 and will remained closed until further notice while the program is being re-evaluated.

A large amount of trash, items that are not acceptable recycling materials and unclean recycling is an issue for the future of our recycling program. The unacceptable materials are costing the Township more money as we are paying for it to go to the landfill.


Due to restrictions by Governor Wolf the Dorrance Towship building will be locked during normal working hours, ring doorbell if someone is available they will come to the door. Face coverings will be required to enter the building and number of people allowed to enter will be restricted. If you have any questions or issues concerning Dorrance Township you can call 570-868-6394 or e-mail

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your consideration for the health and welfare of our people. Stay Well!